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Find Spanish jobs in various US cities on this job board. This board displays ads for Spanish employment in schools, non-profits, and other types of organizations. Many companies seek employees to fill language positions, especially in Spanish language, because they aim to assist clients who are not fluent in English. In these cases, bilingual workers can increase a client base by explaining products and services using foreign languages. Here are current job openings for speakers of Spanish in the USA:


Spanish Job Openings:



Spanish Speakers
In the US, there are growing numbers of bilingual speakers of Spanish, Korean, Russian, and other languages. In California, for example, speakers of Spanish will soon outnumber English speakers. In many Texas counties, Spanish speakers have long outnumbered English speakers. Generally, Spanish speakers who know English will see a nice selection of open positions they can apply to in the United States. Spanish translator jobs are common, but so are other lines of work that involve interactive communication with Spanish-speaking clients and managers. Some work requires research in various branches of science; recently many engineering and IT jobs, for example, have opened up to US and foreign citizens with fluent language skills. Likewise, over the last decade, engineering and financial sectors have offered an increasing number of foreign language jobs in European and Asian languages other than Spanish, though these are not as easy to find and are therefore much more competitive. Other positions, such as technical or artistic jobs in areas like 3D or IT positions require candidates who knows a foreign language in order to communicate with clients or use the language within designs on websites, video, or other mediums.

Job Market
In today’s tough job market, being a fluent or native speaker of Spanish increases the likelihood that a candidate will find a position, assuming the individual speaks, reads, and writes English proficiently. Even for those who do not know English, there are job opportunities that exclusively require Spanish—but these are few and far between. Languages take years to learn—much longer than software, workflow details, and industry trends—for this reason, bilingual skills should be highlighted on a resume, even for a person who is seeking a non-linguistic position. It is also important to note that Asian languages now offer candidates an edge, and in coming years, this could become more prevalent, especially considering the strength of China in the current world economy, which could increase the number of additional bilingual positions available for native or fluent speakers of various languages.

If you know Spanish language, hopefully this board will help you find Spanish work that you love! Best of luck in your search.